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Solidarity For A Few Minutes If Everyone’s OK With That Maybe I Guess

Just to set the mood, here’s a bit Matt Taibbi wrote about the ability of the American left get themselves organized, specifically with respect to the anti-war protests in 2007: “The post-sixties dogma that everyone’s viewpoint is legitimate, everyone‘s choice about anything (lifestyle, gender, ethnicity, even class) is valid, that’s now so totally ingrained that […]

This Is A Triumph

Some of you may be wondering why I’ve been grinning like an idiot since noon, so I’ll tell you. I had an idea today, and it seemed like a decent one so I emailed it to Gabe Newell. Sir – My daughter, who is all of two and a half years old, has asked me […]

But We Can’t Do You Love And Rhetoric Without The Blood

Been a while, hasn’t it? Well, I’ve been cogitating; sometimes that takes time. In particular, I might add, when people dump a dozen loosely-related ideas into your brain with no regard whatsoever for how much effort it will take you to sort them all out. If I were in a blame-shifting mood I’d be pointing […]

Face, Off

This evening I’ll be deleting my facebook profile; I was asked why, though, so I want to hang this out for a bit beforehand to let people on Facebook know. There are a couple of reasons for this; I outlined the dramatic changes in their privacy policy the other day, which have since been presented […]

ShoggothLive iFnagh

From H. P. Lovecraft’s “At The Mountains Of Madness, we have Exhibit 1: And now, when Danforth and I saw the freshly glistening and reflectively iridescent black slime which clung thickly to those headless bodies and stank obscenely with that new unknown odour whose cause only a diseased fancy could envisage—clung to those bodies and […]

A Technical Note About Ghost And Sysprep

Another technical note, of no particular interest to people who come here coveting the funny. It’s about software deployment, which isn’t even funny when it goes wrong, so there is no funny today. There will be more of the funny later, I promise. I hope, at least. A friend of mine asked me some questions […]

Garage Permits: The Saga Continues

So, remember how a tree fell on my garage? Yeah, about that: Councillor Davis, We are writing to you today to express our disappointment and frustration with an ongoing permit issue we have had, and our interactions with City Hall. We are new home owners in the East York area; we have lived here for […]

I’ve Got The Soul Of Wit, And I’m Superbad

To: Team Members Who All (ALL) Dropped The Course Without Telling Me Date: Day Of The Team Presentation Re: Your Contributions To The Presentation Fuck all of you. -mhoye “Grammar has displaced sex as a locus of shame. Discuss.” – Ellen Fremedon