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What Better Place Than Here, What Better Time Than Now

I was in an Ikea last weekend, when their background music system started playing Rage Against The Machine. I was actually paralyzed for a moment. I found myself looking around, thinking “Am… Am I just old? Is this old-person music now? Or is it finally time? Here? Why here, now?” I felt, briefly, like I […]

A Brief And Obvious Clarification On The Subject Of Music

For some reason I have a bunch of nonsense in my feeds about old people music today, a phenomenon whose majestic inertia continues to appall. People, look: the Beatles are not the greatest band of all time. Some people think so, but those people tend to have a couple of things in common, notably that […]

They Talked About The High Price Of Furniture And Rugs

Internet Jackass Day got off to its usual pervasively unfunny start this morning, but mercifully, this happened: 09:59 <mhoye> Dria! You disappeared from that other place. 09:59 <dria> i did 09:59 <dria> i felt entirely too interlopery 10:07 <mhoye> When you said that, for some reason my mind conjured up an image of Big Bird […]

Achievement Unlocked: Kid’s Room

We finally opened the boxes of baby furniture that have been haunting our first floor and moved their contents up to their permanent home on the second, and unboxing them caused my wife quite a shock. She thought we wouldn’t get it all done tonight, because they’d take too long to assemble. Surprisingly, they might […]

Der Ring Der Synthausprechen

During that part of the day that I spent desperately trying to stop listening to I’m On A Boat, it occurred to me to wonder where I’d heard that heavily-synthesized-voice sound before, so I made list, and this is what I found: Word Up – released in mid-1986, by Cameo Return Of The Mack – […]

Additional Songsmithery

Honestly, it’s hard to tear your eyes away from this cultural multi-car pileup. Horrible, but fascinating. The Police’s Roxannalypso Motorhead’s The Ace Of The Dentist’s Office, Paging Doctor Spades (Thanks, Lib!) The Clash, Should I Stay In The Playmobil Roadhouse Or Should I Go Johnny Cash’s Samba Hurt AC/DC’s Easily Surprised Thunderstruck Marvin Gaye’s Grapevine […]

Song Smithing

Microsoft makes this thing called “Songsmith”, which lets you sing into your microphone and, based on some hideous internal logic, will produce backing tracks for your vocal stylings. So some people have done what any rational person would do with a tool like that available, and take the vocal tracks from existing and often well-loved […]

Someday Someday Leeds United!

The other day: 00:25 < mhoye> 00:25 <@humph> howdy hoye 00:25 <@humph> I watched this from your blog and didn’t get it 00:26 * nadavers is watching now, also doesn’t get it 00:26 < mhoye> “get it”? Ok, so: I’ve been a fan for a long time of The Dresden Dolls, the piano-and-drums duo […]

The Hoedown Throwdown Showdown

After a relatively crappy day, I got off the subway, and there’s a couple of buskers playing a fiddle and a banjo at the station. And they’re really going at it, playing the hell out of those things, and I can’t figure out why ’til I get up close. The answer turns out to be […]

Guy Vs. Guy

Like alcoholism and pyromania, in moderation paranoia can be a lot of fun. So if you’re interested in making your commute just a little bit surreal or add a certain cold war East-Berlin-chic to your next get together, I have quite a treat for you. Numbers Stations are shortwave radio stations that transmit seemingly-random sets […]