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Street Meat

Taste is so tightly bound to memory that I have a hard time believing that I can appreciate or even even taste food on its own, in a void of context. I wonder how many of my likes, dislikes, loves and hates are like that; not about the thing, but the echoes of memory that […]

A Thousand Roads To Nowhere

This has been making the rounds recently, an article on how America is all infrastructure, and no people. It’s trite, but the old line about the difference between European and North American cities is that European cities were built for people; the cars got there later. In North America it’s the other way around. So, […]

The Last Giant Leap

The Telegraph takes a survey, and finds out that life is a lot like XKCD: “In a survey, which reveals “deeply worrying” levels of ignorance about the Apollo space programme, which sent three men to the moon forty years ago this month, 11 out of 1009 people surveyed thought Buzz Lightyear was the first person […]




We should be going home this afternoon. Maya views this idea with some suspicion.

Good, Open, Portable; Pick Any Two.

I was crying into a beer the other day with a friend, lamenting the state of open software on portable devices, and I thought I’d make a list. iPhone OS: Very good, very portable. Closed source, semi-closed ecosystem, hardware-locked. Can be hacked to some semblance of openness via jailbreaking, but this is a running battle. […]

We Play Both Kinds Of Music Here

This is another story I’ve told a few people recently, so I’m going to tell it to you to get it out of my system. It came up in a conversation about Alberta, and I mentioned that people in cowboy boots and suits creep me out. So, of course, somebody asked me why. This is […]

You Can’t Have Too Much Buddha

I’ve filtered out a few more of my very-late-now Hong Kong photos, and dumped a set from my trip to Lantau Island on Flickr. The trip to Lantau was great, starting with another reminder of how backwards Toronto’s public transit system is; the trip was fast, fast and simple, all public transit and a cable […]

Libid Zyla 2: Zyla Harder

I know I still owe you some Hong Kong photos, internets, but I’ve just finished triaging the photos from Libid and Randy’s wedding. The rest of the photoset is here, not all of the bride and groom. I spent a lot of time photographing the guests, and some of them came out pretty well. That’s […]

Creepy Hydrant Wants To Love You

Taken in Winnipeg.