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Free As In Health Care

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Baby’s First 3D Platformer

If being a parent and gamer has taught me anything, it’s how critically important it is to start working on those platformer skills early. It’s a shame I accidentally cut this off just as she was asking if Carter wanted to give it a try.

Fast Forward

Maya tried to change what my Gameboy was doing today by flicking her finger across the screen. She’s already figured out how to use my iPhone and keyboard, though for relatively marginal and sporadically destructive things, but it turns out there’s enough keyboard shortcuts on this thing that she inevitably finds a few of them. […]


Have you noticed that when some Person A endorses some notion they can’t really articulate, and person B enthusiastically supports that half-formed idea with arguments they really haven’t thought through, both of them will inevitably say that the other person “gets it”? So about that iPad. I appear to be in the minority of my […]

The Picto Box Side Quest

As you might see below, I now take pictures of stuff. I’m going on a trip in a few weeks, so I decided that now is as good a time as any to gear up and buy a decent camera and after I did a little research, got what has proven to be extremely good […]

War Crimes

Getting Rogered

Fear Of A Baptismal Planet

Engines Of Creation

Transmission Control