Unusually quick updates today,

August 28, 2002

Unusually quick updates today, as a veritable flood of
delectable imagery has been gracing the ether in my vicinity.

My dad and I don’t always see eye to eye – it’s taken me a long
time to understand why that is, but my current theory is that it’s
because he’s on my mom’s side, who I also don’t always see eye
to eye with, but on a slightly more agressive schedule. That said,
he’s still one of the coolest people in known space, and I’m going to
provide the general public with the tiniest sliver of why that
might be the case: he’s just come back a few weeks ago from the Nahanni River, down which he canoed with his good
friend Roy. He came back with a brand-new, never-before-seen beard,
and now looks like Dad Of The Mountain. I present to you the evolution
of Dad Of The Mountain in these photos:

  1. Fort Simpson, 1st and 2nd flights out, Moose Ponds

  2. Moose Ponds to bottom of Rock Garden, Hollywood, Wendy with Birthday Cake

  3. Moore’s Hot Spring, Double Rainbows, Nahanni Gothic

  4. Rafting Lunch, Ragged Range, Arrival at Park

  5. Rabbitkettle Lake, Tufa Mounds, Arrival at Virginia Falls

  6. Virginia Falls

  7. virginia Falls, 4th Canyon, Figure 8, Start of Pulpet Rock Hike

  8. Pulpet Rock Hike, to Prairie Creek

  9. George’s Riffle, 1st Canyon, White Spray Spring, Krauss’s Hot Spring

  10. The Splits, Nahanni Butt, Blackstone Landing, Welcome Home in Ottawa