April 9, 2004

A little over a year ago I said:

In fact, this whole thing might well be that this is what I suspect it to be, that being bald-faced imperialism on the part of the U.S., but that the practical result of it might end up being that the world is a better place anyway. The U.S. is certainly saying that they’re down with the the whole Marshall-Plan-style rebuild-and-reestablish after the war’s over, and who knows, might actually mean it. With the number of lives clearly at stake maybe doing the right thing, or at least the wrong thing with enough positive side effects, for the wrong reasons is the right way to go.

I was completely, entirely wrong. I am ashamed that I ever considered that a reasonable position. Iraq is a complete fucking disaster.

I watch the news, and I picture a slurry of crude oil, black powder, American dollars and human blood, an ocean of it, on fire. And armies of people are pouring more of the ingredients into it, trying to put the fire out.

The world will be paying for this for the next century.

On CNN right now, they’re reporting that I can build my own arcade-game cabinet, at home.