This Week In Hoye

August 5, 2004

“Don’t ask ‘What Would Jesus Do’. Ask ‘What Would Jesus Do Next?'”

I’ve got a couple of entries on the way, but they’re all stuck in narrative limbo until I can sharpen my blunt-instrument attention span to a point. Since last week, I’ve played an Ultimate tournament, gone to Kingston, extracted universal truths from general observations about highway driving, floated windward in an inner tube, eaten outstanding calamari, broken the law while driving home in the rain, mangled the Japanese language and suppressed a burning need to peel somebody’s kneecaps off with a claw hammer, and that’s a lot of stuff. A minor tragedy, but having so many ideas crowding my tiny forebrain after such a long wait is awkward and confusing. I’d say it was a totally novel experience if it wasn’t for my god-damned Ultimate team.

In the meantime, let me say two things:

  • Start, search, “cmd.exe”, right-click, Run As, LocalAdmin. The fact that this makes me even a little bit happy is completely demoralizing, but wherever you end up in life, well, there you are.
  • Chu Shing, as usual. Everyone’s invited. Same bat-time, same bat-channel, and not an obscure literary reference at all, no matter what your fevered imagination and deluded hippie associates might claim.

A Jewish coworker of mine has put a small sign on their office door that reads “Shalom”, which I understand means “Peace unto you”, but because parts of me inside are badly broken all I ever see is “Yeah, Doctor Teeth and the band are doing a Bar Mitzvah.”