Purge – Updated

August 12, 2004

I’m moving.

And, as a result, I’m sorting though a lifetime of geek detritus, and getting rid of almost all of it. Of everything I have, I’m keeping an Indy, some SCSI bits, an unnamed beige x86 and Grayswandir and Werewindle, my laptops. And I’m getting rid of the rest of my crap.

And there’s a lot of crap here. Jesus. How many printer cables could I possibly, ever have used? Why do I have so many? And what the hell is all the rest of this crap? Why did I ever need this many VGA extensions? So I could put a monitor on the roof?

Christ, I don’t even know what half of this stuff does. I’ve got:

  • A six-foot cable that seems to be SCSI-2 at one end and some kind of angry metal porcupine at the other. Christ, 8-bit DB-50. How retro is that?
  • A twenty foot cable that’s RJ-45 at one end and RJ-11 at the other. I have no idea what this does.
  • Phonenet. Boy, lots of phonenet. A lot of other wierd, wierd localtalk cables.
  • A Mac SE that’s going to the curb.
  • A bunch of keyboards that are doing the same.
  • Parallel cables, legions of parallel cables. I wonder what they were for.
  • How many printer cables can one man ever, ever possibly have needed? Where did they all come from?
  • What’s this MIDI-to-RCA/LRV cable for? Do I need both of them?
  • Laptop bags. Where did all these laptop bags come from? I don’t own that many laptops.
  • Pizza-box Sun 4Cs. Why, I don’t know. Out you go…
  • A dual-processor P-100 motherboard. Woo. Just what I don’t need.
  • Keyboards, my God the keyboards…

Anyone who wants any of this shit is welcome to it. I don’t know where half of this shit came from, and I don’t care where any of it goes. To paraphrase a friend of mine, I’m sure I’ll miss some of this stuff, but I’d miss the space it would have taken up more.

Update: I’ve got some more stuff.

  • A Linksys phoneline-router, and some related cards. Needs a power supply, but free to a good home.
  • A Dell Latitude C/Dock II, which doesn’t work As Suggested It Might with my Insprion 3800, even though it is exactly the right form factor and slides right in there, because you crippled it on purpose, you fucks, not that I’m bitter.
  • A raft of Coax that’s going to the curb.
  • A battery for a Dell Latitude, P/N 3149C rating
    14.4v, 1300mAh, which I’d like a few bucks for. But not many.

  • A USR 14.4 external modem.
  • A full-height tower. Just the case, no PS, but whoever wants it can have it.
  • An old Celeron 450 cpu+mobo. Take it away.
  • A Phillips Velo PDA. Old, very old. Still works, though.
  • An Alextel box, the dumbest of the dumb terminals. Still works. Take it away!

Kev has called dibs on the Mac, and Kev, it’s bagged and ready for you to pick up. Mark, I’ve got you laptop bag, I think you’ll like it. Anyone else… well, get moving.