Achievement Unlocked: Kid's Room

March 10, 2009

Together, They Fight Crime
We finally opened the boxes of baby furniture that have been haunting our first floor and moved their contents up to their permanent home on the second, and unboxing them caused my wife quite a shock. She thought we wouldn’t get it all done tonight, because they’d take too long to assemble. Surprisingly, they might be the first pieces of furniture we’ve bought that didn’t arrive in the house packed flat, and her remarking on it caused me no end of amusement.
So I put the Jefferson’s theme song on while we hoisted it all up the stairs, a cultural appropriation I’m sure amounts to some sort of trans-ironic cultural obscenity but which made me grin like an idiot regardless[1]. So now we have a our gutted office back, our baby room is in play, and with a little bit of luck it’ll be calm waters from here to whenever El Kid arrives.
( [1] – Forgive me; I know it’s no excuse but I swear it really is the only furniture we own that doesn’t contain the Ikea Nature. )