It's Going To Space! Can You Give It A Second To Get Back? From Space?

March 12, 2009

Last Car
So, I just cut and pasted a piece of text. That text:

  • Was stored in a Filemaker Pro 9 database
  • running in a virtual machine,
  • on a Linux cluster,
  • which I accessed via an FMP8 front end,
  • running in a different virtual machine,
  • behind a virtual network switch,
  • on a different Linux box,
  • that’s bridged via the host server’s network port,
  • to the rest of our network,
  • which I accessed via VMWare’s Web Access plugin,
  • running in Firefox,
  • on my Windows desktop.

I pasted it into a different Filemaker Pro database, via much the same path, and got a little irate that it took me one or two tries of hitting control-C and control-V to get it to work before I realized what I was asking for.
It is flat-out amazing that any of this works at all, much less as well as it does.